iBuzzExpress Success Stories


Here is a tip

If you want to Make More Money NOW then follow this rule. Invite, Follow-up and Repeat consistently and let technology do the heavy lifting whenever possible. That is working smarter not harder. With the iBuzzExpress Ringless Voicemail and Phone Broadcasting platform you will EXPLODE your activity and results by compressing time frames INSTANTLY. Bottom line, this is what I consider a Push Button Rainmaker. John and his team are innovators and PROVEN leaders who care. Combine that with a solid track record of success and it is a WIN-WIN-WIN and they have done it again by adding features you will only see here.


72 super qualified leads in less than one hour.

Using the Voice Broadcasting and Ringless Voicemail Platform together generates consistent and quality leads. That is what I call LEVERAGE! IBuzzExpress is the best and the fastest marketing system in the industry.


Wow, this is amazing.

I am so excited because I did some online advertising yesterday for the first time and I got a prospect who signed up. I've never even spoken with this person.


This Opportunity has changed my life!

This is the easiest service to sell that I've ever found. I started telling every marketer I know about this within the first hour of purchasing my Ringless Voicemail Platform. Within the first two hours I made my qualified sale. Within 24 hours I made five more platform sales and earned $1,000. Over the next 4 days I got 7 pass-ups and 4 more sales. For a grand total of $3,200 for my first week. Whaaa Hoooo. I am a happy lady!


I am very pleased

with the tools that iBuzzExpress has given me in the past few months. I came to a point where I was on the verge of quitting network marketing. Fortunately, iBuzzExpress came along and saved my future. I have used the system to leverage my time and money. It has paid off big time. Thank you iBuzzExpress.


Ringless Voicemail Broadcasting for the Mortgage Business

I use it to stay in constant contact with all of my clients. They ALL LOVE it!! I can let them know what is going on within the mortgage industry and when rate's are dropping. Every time I send out a broadcast I get at least 15-25 calls that day and they continue to come in for about a week.


What a wasted time with other systems

I used other systems in the past that did not generate any results for me. Within one week of broadcasting Ringless Voicemail Drops, I got people calling me from all over the about my business and how to join. These were the best calls I ever got in my life.


The Ringless Voicemail Platform is producing amazing results!

As a top producer in Relationship marketing and another 18 in traditional business ownership, I know how costly, ineffective, and time consuming most traditional forms of attraction marketing can be.
I was inspired with the possibilities of what iBuzzExpress could do for my business and its really proving itself for me. I have never found a more cost & time effective marketing method. This is an absolute winner and the income you can earn just referring it is astronomical. Thanks iBuzzExpress.


iBuzzExpress has turned things around for me financially in just a couple of months!

Our whole networking team is using the system for our main opportunity. What a perfect combination.

iBuzzExpress does not guarantee that you will make any money from your use or promotion of our products and services.